Factory Supply Good Price Customized Size EDM graphite

Compared with the copper electrode, EDM graphite electrode has more advantages: lower producing cost, faster producting speed, easier to be polished, lighter weight, less consumption and high temperature resistance Quick Details: Application:Mechanical Industry                        Chemical Composition:Carbon Electric resistivity:11-13 μΩ*m                             Density:1.85g/cm3 Compressive Strength:115 Mpa                            Flexural Strength:51Mpa Our product advantages: 1. Easy processing 2. High thermal shock performance 3. Suitable for large electrode, won't melt under the high temperature 3400 ℃, from the solid into gas directly, reduce abrasion 4. Density is five times less than copper, so the electrode have lighter weight 5. The metal removal rate is higher than copper, thus reducing the abrasion 6. Unique features, with the improvement of peak current, reducing the abrasion Factory Tour  

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